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Kevin Veenhuizen

Guillaume Pfefferle

Tuana Yildiz


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Odile Nachbauer 

ir. Kevin Veenhuizen

architect & founder

" A sustainable  design must also be  aesthetically  pleasing." 


Feasibility study
We make a sketch and test it according to your wishes, budget and regulations.

Preliminary design

We translate your wishes into a spatial design.

We present the plans to the municipality through a concept application.

Definite design
The preliminary design including the interior is technically worked out.
We then submit the permit application and explain the plans to the municipality.

Tender & construction
We help you select the right contractor and we supervise construction with construction meetings. We have an extensive network of building partners.

" Input, questions and  challenges are a  source of  opportunities to  continue improving  the project together." 

ir. Guillaume Pfefferle

senior architect

‘’ The quality an  architect brings to  the space is  immediately felt.’’ 

ir. Tuana Yildiz

architectural intern

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How we work

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Design workshop
To get to know you and to understand your wishes, we start with a "Design Workshop". In a playful way, we map out the fundamentals of the project together.


Design block

Every three weeks we have "Design Block", these are a few days without meetings to be able to work concentrated on your project: sketching, building models, testing and redesigning.

On tour

We will take you "On Tour" and see how it is made.

Sustainability plan
We help you make the right sustainable choices and incorporate them into the sustainability plan.


How it started

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Strongly motivated to develop his own ideas in architecture and thereby contribute to a more sustainable world, Kevin decided to start his own practice. In 2013 Kevin Veenhuizen Architects was founded, one year before Kevin graduated with cum laude honors from Delft University of Technology.


In the years prior he studied at the Technische Universität Berlin and Tokyo Institute of Technology. During his studies Kevin gained valuable working experience at Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau and Serge Schoemaker Architects.


2020 - VT Verbouwen - ''Duurzaam moet ook mooi zijn''

2020 - New Gens - ''Butterfly Roof''

2020 - Leibal - ''His Loft''

2020 - Archello - ''His Loft''

2020 - Archello - ''Vlinderdak''

2019 - Nationale Architectuur Guide - ''KVa Inspirerende ruimtes, duurzame oplossingen''